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IMF Pegs Canada’s Fossil Fuel Subsidies at $34 Billion

Official: US Wind Power Accounted For 42% Of New Power Capacity In 2012, Beat Natural Gas

Home of Big Oil to get 150MW solar plant at half cost of coal

The Carbon Quilt

Wind, Solar, & Storage Could Power Full Electric Grid Cost Effectively 99.9% Of The Time By 2030: Report

Renewable Energy Can Power the World (Reminder)

Biomass (wood burning) Plants

“For every megawatt-hour of electricity produced, even the “cleanest” of the American biomass (wood burning) plants pump out nearly 50 percent more carbon dioxide than coal-burning plants.”  “The biomass plants also produce more than twice as much nitrogen oxide, soot, carbon monoxide, and volatile organic matter as coal plants.”  FPI researcher Mary Booth, a former Environmental Working Group scientist, concluded after poring over data associated with 88 air emissions permits, April 2104.