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About Simply Solar

Simplysolar.co was started in 2014 after the 5th report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that outlined how dire the global warming situation is.  Although there are many Canadians, including many in Ottawa, who regard climate change as bogus the scientific evidence to the contrary is conclusive. We believe that shifting to solar power is one of the best actions you can take to reduce your carbon footprint. Here’s why…

Fossil fuel interests

Climate change deniers are often created and sustained by paid fossil fuel interests. Their misinformation is believed by almost 50% of Canadians. The actual peer-reviewed climate scientists agree 100% that the planet is getting warmer and humans are causing this. The fossil fuel vested interests are aided and abetted by our mainstream media, including the CBC, because those rich companies do a lot of advertising and have powerful friends.

For example the CBC never uses the term, ‘tar-sands’ which accurately refer to the bitumen produced in Canada. They only say, ‘oil-sands’ because it sounds better but is disingenuous at best. The Vancouver Province ‘newspaper’ frequently publishes letters and articles that support the dirty fuel status quo rather than green energy because most of their revenue comes from gas guzzling vehicle advertising. Electric vehicles are a less expensive and greener option but the conventional car dealerships do not want to lose the money from tune-ups, brake jobs or oil changes that provide them with so much of their profit.

Enter Solar Power

So at Simply Solar we believe that solar energy is your very best energy choice. We also believe that it is now less expensive than fossil fuels or hydro dams IF the real cost of those energy sources are included. Typically they are not.

We also believe that control of your own energy is in your best interest for several reasons. Most importantly, power produced by big utilities has not been and is not now the best we can do environmentally. Global warming must be a government priority but in Canada, it is essentially ignored by our federal and provincial governments. In BC the cost of the Site C dam on the Peace River is greater than the cost of the conservation efforts that would save more energy than Site C will produce. This kind of thinking is incompatible with a sustainable planet.

Secondly, relying on a large corporation to put you first is not realistic as the proposed 50% increase in BC Hydro costs illustrates. Huge electrical distribution networks also destroy large swaths of forest and occupy large areas of expensive urban land. There are also significant energy losses associated with these expensive distribution systems that are not required with owner generated solar power and electricity.

Thirdly solar energy costs are not subject to the same inflationary pressures that now bedevil BC Hydro. The cost of sunshine will remain free while the price of hydro and fossil fuels will continue to climb. The cost of converting solar energy into electricity is also expected to continue declining, but at a slower rate. After your initial purchase costs, the cost of your solar electricity will remain fixed for many years.

Another important reason for controlling your own energy is that this inevitably results in less energy use. In time, the design of passive solar homes with PV electric generating capacity will result in homes that produce all the energy for the home and the vehicles used by the home owners. That ability is achievable now with the right home, solar power systems and electrical vehicles.

The Simply Solar Way

At Simply Solar we try to select the most cost effective solar equipment and we sell only that. As you may have noticed on other websites (such as www.wholesalesolar.com) numerous different modules, systems, panels, inverters, batteries etc. are offered. We feel that this is not necessary and adds to the cost and complexity associated with solar systems. We provide, on our website, the price of everything we sell which is not the case on most solar equipment websites. We also offer solar packages that include everything you need, including installation.   Installation costs vary depending on your roof type and location.

Reducing the cost of solar is our major goal and we have also selected top of the line panels and equipment to help ensure that your solar system will have a long life. Please view the ‘Products’ section to see the type of solar equipment we have on offer. Or just contact us to learn more and to schedule your free consultation.

Thank you for supporting solar energy, a cleaner, less damaging and less expensive future.