Batteries are expensive and tricky to select optimally because there are so many different types and sizes and so many different opinions. All batteries are adversely affected by poor handling, maintenance and improper charging and discharging.

Dyno Battery 50-21After checking with a number of battery manufacturers in Canada, China and America we selected the American company, Dyno Battery for several reasons. Firstly many of the so-called ‘best’ batteries today are Sealed, Absorbent Glass Mat, Valve Regulated, Gel, Thin Plate and more. All of these lead acid batteries reduce maintenance by reducing venting. This venting is the reason that the old flooded lead-acid batteries required the addition of distilled water. We don’t feel that this maintenance requirement is worth the extra cost or the reduced performance that some of these more ‘advanced’ batteries provide. This extra cost can be twice the price of the Dyno battery for the same performance. Let us know if you find another 2V solar storage battery of the same capacity for less than SimplySolar.

The 2 volt Dyno battery is very robust and will provide 10+ years of service if properly charged, discharged and serviced. We also like the fact that Dyno is a family owned business of the ‘old school’ and fairly close to us in Seattle which helps with shipping costs.

We did tour the Dyno factory and were impressed with the work that goes into a quality battery. From the Canadian lead ingots to the purity of the plates, the forming of the plates, their assembly with fiberglas plates, charging and testing. Dyno is a no frills product that will get the job done. Please review the following Dyno specifications. We stock the D65-19, six of which make a good 12V solar storage system. These are priced at $312 CDN each and weigh 81 lbs for a battery bank total of 486 lbs. This price includes the connections required to put the battery bank together.

Dyno Battery 50-21 Specs

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