This information applies to Provincial Sales Tax (PST) on solar energy equipment.

PST is not payable on solar systems or solar panels.

Other equipment required for solar systems that are bought individually are taxable so it is best to buy all of your solar system together and avoid the PST.

This is how the tax department list the solar items that are exempt from PST.

(j) solar photovoltaic collector panels;
(k) controllers, wiring and devices that convert direct current into alternating current, if they are obtained together with and as part of a system that includes solar photovoltaic collector panels.

GST is payable on all solar equipment.  To further the unaffordability of solar in Canada the Federal government recently, 2015, imposed a 286.1% duty on most solar panels from China.  They claimed that the 400 Chinese manufacturers were dumping their panels into Canada.  The 400 companies were not investigated to see if this was true and 286.1% is much more than any dumping reduction which was, in fact, not happening.