Articles of Interest

  1. Passive and green homes BC
  2. Big expensive power plants, like Site C, undermine renewable energy
  3. $1 of Washington state solar incentives put about $3 into the economy.  In BC $0 put $0 into the economy.
  4. Coal and nuclear subsidies much larger than renewables in Germany, North America.
  5. Why wood pellets are as bad as coal!
  6. Solar cheaper??
  7. $2 billion a year in leaked methane in the USA
  8. Norway’s utility putting over $9 billion into renewables. BC spending this on a damn dam.
  9. Solar power for one half the price of the Site C, damn.
  10. Tar sands oil, worse than we thought
  11. Burning fossil fuels, including natural gas, are the problem
  12. Germany can do this but not Canada
  13. Germany village makes $6+ million a year from renewables
  14. New solar cell energy output record at 46%
  15. Germany’s biggest utility giving up on centralized power.  Realizes that empowered customers is the way to go.
  16. Solar 5 cents per kilowatt hour in Texas.  One half the BC price with no subsidies! 
  17. Renewables the largest source of power in Scotland
  18. Power from fossil fuels costs hundreds of billions more than the amount charged.
  19. Bloomberg says renewable cheaper than coal and gas for Turkey
  20. America’s solar boom
  21. Scotland produces over 100% of renewable residential electricity in October 2014.
  22. Fracking (natural gas) worse than coal
  23. Gas and oil well leaks that contribute to global warming
  24. Why damn dams are a global warming threat
  25. Solar 6.5 cents in the state of Georgia
  26. The true cost of energy
  27. Burning wood
  28. NASA satellite measures methane, one of the most potent global warming gases
  29. Latest country cost comparisons 
  30. Oceans getting hotter, faster than we thought
  31. Nobel laureates provide another warning.
  32. IEA says solar “unbeatable”
  33. Clean energy is less expensive
  34. Solar and wind can be cost competitive in any country.
  35. Some solar and wind as cheap as natural gas without subsidies
  36. Renewable investment worth much more than oil
  37. How the Dutch use energy saving to renew old homes.
  38. 13 amazing solar energy charts
  39. 1972 book, ‘Limits to Growth’ basically correct.
  40. Large dams and water quality
  41. Why solar in New Zealand
  42. Grid parity for solar in the US
  43. Wind cheapest energy at 2.5 cents a kwh
  44. On the true cost of driving.
  45. Methane leaks in BC is government BS
  46. Clean LNG???
  47. Cost of coal use in the USA
  48. Australia solar much cheaper than Canada
  49. Solar power for EV’s
  50. Battery info
  51. Solar compared to other energy sources
  52. Why nuclear energy failed
  53. The cost of global warming
  54. Scientists call for moratorium on tar-sands
  55. Oceans in trouble
  56. Green energy affecting utilities
  57. Future energy outoook
  58. Renewables competitive energy source
  59. Large PV and wind report
  60. Solar cheaper than nuclear
  61. Gradual change will not save us
  62. More on those damn dams, water and coal