Electric Car Solar Charging

Electric Car Solar Charging

Simply Solar can install an electric vehicle solar charging station for your home or business.  Selecting one of our solar charging stations will allow you to produce all the electrical energy you need to power your car.  These systems will produce more energy than required at times and less at other times but on an annual basis the power produced will equal the power required to power your car 20,000 kms.

Today’s electric vehicles are a huge improvement and will continue to improve as sales increase.  With a range of 150 to 400 kms they are a perfect choice for commuting and daily trips.  Tesla also has a fast charging network that permits driving across America for free.

British Columbia’s transportation sector accounts for approximately 40% of our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Use of electric vehicles dramatically reduces these emissions and charging you electric car with solar energy is another step forward.

Conventional fossil fuel powered vehicles emit a number of noxious substances which can affect our health as well as putting over 20 pounds of carbon into the atmosphere for every gallon, 8 pounds, of fuel burned.  Electric vehicles owners are leading the way whether their cars are powered by BC Hydro or their own solar electricity.

TESLA Solar Charging Station:

$ 13995
Solar Panels (250 Watt) with mounting structure20
Inverter ( 5 kW)1
Junction Boxes, cables and connectorsAs required
Car charger (wall mount, 48A/240V1


Nisaan LEAF Solar Charging Station:

$ 8595
Solar Panels (250 Watt) with mounting structure12
Inverter ( 3 kW)1
Junction Boxes, cables and connectorsAs required
Car charger (wall mount, 30A/240V1


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