Solar Panels

Solar Panels

After researching solar panel manufacturers and getting no response from Canadian manufacturers, I visited the Econess Energy manufacturing plant near Wuxi in China.  Wuxi is a small town that is now China’s solar energy manufacturing center. The current population of the Wuxi prefecture about 8,000,000, which is why you have never heard of it.  My factory tour was impressive.  Before entering I had to don a white suit, have my feet wrapped in plastic by a little machine, wear a hat and goggles and stand in a small room that blew air all over me.  Only then could I step on to a sticky floor that led to the various high tech, mostly German and Swiss machines that manufactured everything from the solar cells to the anodized frames.

Econess has won quality awards and exports to most countries except Canada because our government has imposed a 286.1% duty on most solar panels from China.  I might add that this duty was imposed without a review of the 400 solar panel manufacturers in China or any rational reason for the duty.  My solar panels were delivered to Canada before this duty.

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$232$0.931-9 Panels
$227$0.9110-25 Panels
$222$0.8926 panels or more Pallet is 516 kgs

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EN156P-60-250 Watt

Frameless 156P-60 230-250W-details

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